2022 Poetry Candidate Craft & Job Talks

If you missed the craft talk or job talk for one of our poetry faculty candidates, you can view the recordings below. This page and these recordings are intended only for the faculty, staff, and graduate students of the UW-Madison Department of English and its partner programs. Do not share this page or these links with anyone outside UW-Madison.

Leila Chatti (Thurs 2/3/22):

Erika Meitner (Tues 2/8/22):

Kaveh Akbar (Thurs 2/10/22):

Nate Marshall (Thurs 2/17/22):

Paul Tran (Tues 2/22/22):

Chet’la Sebree (Thurs 2/24/22):

IMAGE: Chatti, Meitner, Akbar, Marshall, Tran, & Sebree

Our Six Candidates:
Leila Chatti (Feb 3)
Erika Meitner (Feb 8)
Kaveh Akbar (Feb 10)
Nate Marshall (Feb 17)
Paul Tran (Feb 22)
Chet’la Sebree (Feb 24)